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Spearmint the Bunny

Made available October 2nd, 2010

Spearmint is a cute little old-fashioned bunny with a spunky personality! :) He is an intermediate knit. 


• M&K: ECO baby bomull- in ecru and your favorite color (I used green) (100% organic cotton 50gms=160m)
o   If you can’t find this yarn, any fingering weight will do.
• Clover: Pom-Pom maker- extra small (use the one inch version)
• Brown embroidery thread (preferably DMC cotton thread)
• Set of 6 US size 0 (2.0 mm) dpns (Brittany has sets of 6 DPNS) for body (If you don't have 6 of one size, then use a stitch holder.)
• Set of 4 US size 2 (2.75 mm) dpns for sweater
• Scissors
• Yarn needle
• Stuffing
• Poly pellets for legs (optional)
• Split ring stitch markers (If you need them to keep track of rows)


Use ecru, a.k.a. color a.

1st leg:
Cast on 6 with size 0. Separate between 3. Each one has 2 now.
1. k all sts
2. kfb all sts (12 sts)
3. k all sts
4. kfb, k around (18 sts)
5-8. k all sts
9. dec, k around (12 sts)
10. k all sts
(lightly fill foot with poly-pellets or stuffing)
11. dec all sts (6 sts)
12-32. k all sts
Cut yarn, use 2 DPNS and separate. Now each one has 3.

2nd leg:

Do the same thing you did on the 1st one but don't cut the yarn.

Body/Head (all done in one piece):

First, connect the legs. Very simple if you think about it.. I don't have a picture yet, but if you need a visual aid, send me a message (imaginativeknits [at] gmail [dot] com)
33. inc, k, inc around (20 sts)
34. k all sts
35. kfb, k3, inc (28 sts)
36. k all sts
37. kfb, k6 around (32 sts)
38-58. k all sts
59. dec, k2 around (24 sts)
(lightly fill with poly-pellets or stuffing)
60. k all sts
61. kfb, k2 around (32 sts)
62-72. k all sts
73. dec, k2 around (24 sts)
74. k all sts
75. dec, k around (16 sts)
76. k all sts
77. dec all (8 sts)
(finish stuffing)
Cut the yarn and thread though the rest of the stitches. :)

Ears (make 2):

Cast on 6 with size 0, separate.
1. k all sts
2. kfb all sts (12 sts)
3-13. k all sts
14. dec, k2 around (9 sts)
15-20. k all sts
Bind off. Do not stuff

Arms (make 2):

Cast on 6 with size 0, separate.
1. k all sts
2. inc, k all sts (9 sts)
3-18. k all sts
Bind off, stuff


Make tail with ecru and pom-pom maker and attach all of the pieces you did so far to the appropriate places. :)

Bunny Sweater:

Use your favorite contrast color, a.k.a. color b.


Cast on 30 with size 2, separate.
1-4. knit 2, purl 1 around
5. k all sts
6. k2, dec, yarn over twice, dec, knit the rest.
(that was the tail hole)
7-11. k all sts
12. k8, dec, yarn over twice, dec, k13, dec, yarn over twice, k1, dec
(those were the sleeve holes)
13&14. k all sts
15-19. knit 2, purl 1 around
Bind off, put sweater on bunny

Sleeves (make 2):

Cast on 9, with size 2, separate.
1-3. knit 2, purl 1 around
4-12. k all sts
Bind off, attach to the sweater body

Hope you like it!

This pattern and the finished product may only be used personally or entirely for charity. You may not sell the pattern or the finished product anywhere. 

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