Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Pattern and PDF availability!

Hello everyone! If any of you have popped in my blog for the past few days, I have released a new pattern, Fishy Fingerless Mittens. Also, in the four years I've been designing and self publishing, I have finally learned how to put a PDF file on Ravelry for knitters to download! So not only are some of my patterns available on the website, they're also available as downloadable and printable PDFs as well. Of course, you'll need to be a Ravelry member to download, but I'm sure you wouldn't read this blog if you weren't a member. ;) 

I will add the link to the patterns I have PDFs for (Fishy Fingerless Mittens, Spearmint the Bunny, and Shrimp. Love. Socks.)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Fishy fingerless mittens

Made available May 21st, 2014


About 100 yards of handspun yarn (12 WPI) or a heavy and springy fingering to sport weight yarn. I used my special Meow brand "Fishy Blue" yarn, to be available for sale online in the coming months. 

US size 3/3.25mm DPNs or 16"-24" circular (whatever is most comfortable for knitting in the round)


Yarn needle

Split ring or stitch marker (to keep track of where you are in rows)


9 sts/9 rows = 1 inch of k2, p2 ribbing (unstretched)

Notes and Instructions:

If you make the mitten larger or longer, you'll need 100+ yards of yarn, so please plan accordingly.

You can cast on any amount of stitches, but please make sure it's in multiples of 4. 

The thumb is added on after your mitt is done. It's completely optional. 


Long-tail CO 40 sts, separate

Start k2, p2 ribbing for four inches.

Now, turn and start k2, p2 rib, going back and forth as if knitting "flat" for 8 rows.

After 8 rows of flat knitting, continue back to knitting in the round for 10 rows. 

Bind off using a "stretchy" bind-off (with knit stitches: knit bind off, with purl stitches, purl bind off). 

Pick up 16 sts on the thumb hole, separate.

k2, p2 rib for 10 rows. Bind off with "stretchy" bind-off.

Repeat for the second mitt. 

Please do not try to steal and say this was your pattern, no profit for finished product or pattern that is FREE. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Freshly Handspun skeins!

Time to catch up on my handspinning projects and what I've been up to! :) 

I have been recently, for the past month, been experimenting with dyeing yarn!   It has been an exciting adventure for me using professional acid dyes. I mainly started dyeing yarn because of a school project for inventing something. More on what I invented on a later post. ;) 

Remember my first handspun (blue/brown one) with my miniSpinner? I actually knit the yarn into something! I bet you'll never guess what..... Well it's maybe too obvious when the yarn is a Superwash BFL. What else would I make besides socks?!

Soooo pretty! :) They don't match but who cares? They're so soft and beautiful! :) I love the colorways that Sweet Georgia has. Every color is absolutely gorgeous. 

About a month ago, I completed a skein of hand-dyed Corriedale by Woolen Mill St. I started on after finishing my Sweet Georgia Coal Harbour skein.

It's in the "Rue" colorway. It's a 14 WPI yarn (yes, I finally got that WPI tool!) and 322 yards I also have the same exact roving in her "grape" and "Zoe" colorways that I'll be spinning up in the summer. 

After that skein, I dyed my first roving! Probably the ugliest thing I've ever seen. (Definitely NOT my colorway)

I mean it looks OK.... Well, I guess I have to agree that when I spun it up, it looked much much better: