Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shrimp. Sock. Love. SOCKS

Made Avaliable November 21st, 2013

This pattern is dedicated to my pet, Mr. Shrimpy, a ghost shrimp.

With their transparent bodies, cute little faces, and varying personalities, ghost shrimp are very entertaining and deserve a unique design of their own. I realized that there wasn’t even a ghost shrimp toy, so I decided to make socks, because my pet shrimp make me feel warm inside my heart, and these socks will do the same for your feet!

Shrimp. Sock. Love. is a combination of: Ankle socks with a repeating stranded colorwork pattern of ghost shrimps and hearts, and perfect for Valentine’s Day.  

Why ankle socks in the dead of winter? Here in Florida, we can only wear ankle socks in the 60F degree winter weather. Also, Suripaco’s Springvale collection yarn from Maine is made out of a blend of Suri Alpaca, and is sure to keep your feet toasty during winter time, even in ankle sock form. Shrimp. Sock. Love. can also be modified into mid-calf socks (with one more ball of each color).


[MC] Suripaco Springvale Collection [55% Alpaca, 30% Wool, 15% Silk; 208yds/190m per 49g skein]; color: 1205; 1 skein

[CC] Suripaco Springvale Collection [55% Alpaca, 30% Wool, 15% Silk; 208yds/190m per 49g skein]; color: 1200; 1 skein

24” US #2/3mm circular needle for magic looping.


Yarn needle

Split ring or stitch marker (to keep track of where you are in rows)


 36 sts/ 40 rows = 4 inches of stockinette stitch


LLinc: Left-leaning Lifted Increase
LRinc: Right-leaning Lifted Increase

A great tutorial is here for lifted increases:

W&T: Wrap and Turn

K2TOG: Knit two together (decrease)


You will definitely need a second ball of MC yarn if you are making a longer sock.

I find ankle socks usually have trouble “staying” on the leg. This may be fixed by cutting a 17 inch length of CC yarn and sewing through the top of the k2,p2 ribbing of the sock and tying a bow at the end of it when it is on your leg so it stays. For an example, see the picture.


CO 22  sts (11 on each needle) with MC. Knit from first needle only.


Row 1: k3, LLinc, knit to last three sts, LRinc, k3; k3, LLinc, knit to last three sts, LRinc, k3.
Row 2: k all sts.

Repeat rows 1 & 2 until stitch count reaches 66 sts (33 on each needle) ending at row 1 after increasing.


Follow the shrimp chart and add on CC. The shrimp chart is 28 rows long and 33 stitches wide. Please follow from bottom-up and right-left.

End at row 14 or 28 when foot measures 2” less than desired foot length (I did the shrimp chart exactly 2x until the heel).
Continue on to short row heel.


Knit first half of stitches with MC (33 sts).
Now working flat with the last 33 stitches and working with MC only and cut off CC:

Row 1 (RS): k to last stitch, wrap & turn.
Row 2 (WS): p to last stitch, wrap & turn.

Row 3 (RS): k to last wrapped stitch, w&t.
Row 4 (WS): p to last wrapped stitch, w&t.
Repeat rows 3&4 until there are 10 right wrapped stitches, 13 unwrapped stitches, and 10 left wrapped stitches (20 wrapped stitches in all) in total.

Row 5: k to first wrapped stitch, k the stitch w/ wrap, w&t
Row 6: p to first wrapped stitch, p the stitch w/ wrap, w&t
Repeat rows 5&6 until there is only one wrapped stitch on each side (two total)

Row 7: k to last stitch, knit stitch with wraps, and continue working on instep. REMEMBER to pick up the first stitch after the instep. Continue on to leg.


Row 1: K all sts
Row 2: *K2tog, k1, p2, (k2, p2) 7times. Repeat again across second needle. (64 sts)
Row 3-5: (k2, p2) around.


Bind off with the “stretchy bind off” (Same as a regular bind-off but for the purl stitches, purl them instead of knitting them as you normally would while casting them off.)

Repeat for the second sock. Enjoy your shrimpy socks after finishing (sew in the ends)! :)

Please do not try to steal and say this was your pattern, no profit for finished product or pattern that is FREE. 

New Pattern

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a few months. :( I've been extremely busy. Although I do have a reward for all of you. Soon, I will be releasing a new pattern! :) This pattern is a different venture for me. In the past year, I've been obsessed with knitting socks. Since I did not find many sock patterns suitable with what I wanted to do; I decided to create my own. 

The pattern is called, "Shrimp. Sock. Love." 

It was made using Suripaco's Springvale Collection. I bought it while I was in Southern Maine this summer. It's a local, Maine-made wool/alpaca/silk blended yarn. Every yarn store I went to in Maine carried Springvale Collection, but for "Shrimp. Sock. Love." you can use any heavy-ish fingering/4ply yarn, as long as you have 50g of each color (main and contrasting). 

I will release the pattern once the shrimp chart is edited. :)