Friday, March 28, 2014

Sarasota! (By: Meow-Meow)

Last week, owner and I went to Western Florida. On the way, we stopped by A Good Yarn in Sarasota. :)

The store was huge! Probably the largest in Florida, as far as I know of. They have knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, and needlepoint supplies in-stock! Usually yarn stores in the Southeast do not offer a wide selection like that. Owner has always had to order her yarn online or wait to go up north (which rarely happens), so whenever we pass by Tampa, we always have to stop by A Good Yarn. :) 

So, here is what owner bought at the store:

Oooh, yummy yummy yarn that I can dive into! :) Well, owner is the one that knits, but you get the point, hehe. 

Listed in the picture is (L to R):
-Addi Turbo Sock Rockets in US size 2 24"
-Berroco Vintage in 5100 colorway
-HiKoo Kenzie in "Seal"
-Biscotte & Cie Stitch Surfer Kit in "Go Habs Go"
-Swan's Island Bulky in Winterberry
-Schacht Zoom Loom
-Dje Handwovens "Twodot the Turtle" Kit
-Frabjous Fibers Polwarth Wool in "Chromatophobia Red"

For the first time, owner started and completed two projects in an incredible three days! Granted, both were quite small to medium-sized projects, but she finished them anyways! 

So I got to ride Twodot the Turtle:

Yay! :) He's so soft. I believe he's made from pure wool (green) and some type of silk or synthetic wool blend for the orange part.

And the second project, a bandana cowl for owner. I also got into the fun a little though.. :) 

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