Monday, May 12, 2014

Freshly Handspun skeins!

Time to catch up on my handspinning projects and what I've been up to! :) 

I have been recently, for the past month, been experimenting with dyeing yarn!   It has been an exciting adventure for me using professional acid dyes. I mainly started dyeing yarn because of a school project for inventing something. More on what I invented on a later post. ;) 

Remember my first handspun (blue/brown one) with my miniSpinner? I actually knit the yarn into something! I bet you'll never guess what..... Well it's maybe too obvious when the yarn is a Superwash BFL. What else would I make besides socks?!

Soooo pretty! :) They don't match but who cares? They're so soft and beautiful! :) I love the colorways that Sweet Georgia has. Every color is absolutely gorgeous. 

About a month ago, I completed a skein of hand-dyed Corriedale by Woolen Mill St. I started on after finishing my Sweet Georgia Coal Harbour skein.

It's in the "Rue" colorway. It's a 14 WPI yarn (yes, I finally got that WPI tool!) and 322 yards I also have the same exact roving in her "grape" and "Zoe" colorways that I'll be spinning up in the summer. 

After that skein, I dyed my first roving! Probably the ugliest thing I've ever seen. (Definitely NOT my colorway)

I mean it looks OK.... Well, I guess I have to agree that when I spun it up, it looked much much better:

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