Monday, June 9, 2014

Summertime Knitting!

It's Summer vacation time here in the U.S., which means I'm off school for the next three months! That equals knitting time! :D Unfortunately, I will be working on my college essays as I will be applying to college this year and be college-bound next year. However, I am trying to squeeze a little knitting time before that. I have a gigantic stash I have to reduce before I go to college, so I'm trying to work it down now. :)

Below I have a picture of a WIP, "Fruity Striped Socks" made from two 50g skeins of Paton's Stretch Socks in the Fruit Slices colorway The pattern I used is Cristi's Stripey Sock Recipe. I believe I bought these skeins about two years ago. One sock down, one more to go! 

Next is another WIP using the same pattern, but with Paton's Kroy socks in the Blue Striped Ragg colorway. I'll also be using 2 50g skeins for this as well.

Finally, here is a soon-to-be released pattern preview. I'm going to call it, "Simply 200yds or less Socks"

That is it for now! I will post the sock pattern in a later post soon. :) 

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