Sunday, October 18, 2015

This blog is not dead yet, I've just been super busy.

Hi everyone!

Sorry for not updating in months and months on end. I apologize for that, as I've been so busy and overwhelmed after starting college. Many things have happened since I last posted. 

-I went to New York City for the first time (ever) to receive a national award for ceramics. :) 

Meow-Meow and The New York Times HQs

-I moved into and started college (of course)

Meow-Meow sort of photobombing 

-I have also been to plenty of college football games. :) 

Woooohooo :)

Besides that, not much knitting news. I've barely picked up the knitting needles since August. :( But during the summer I was able to complete some cats and socks. 

Andromeda by Polly Outhwaite

Contrast Color Socks using Circle Socks Pattern

Cocoa the Cat using Boy Cat Pattern

Fudge the Cat using Boy Cat Pattern

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